Celebrate Erie Headliner Replaced With Tiny Tim Hologram

Erie will be tip-toeing though the tulips this weekend as one of the major attractions for Celebrate Erie goes through a surprise upheaval.  Saturday’s headliner, Kool and The Gang, terminated their contract with the City of Erie Sunday night, citing negative feedback from the public. Event coordinators however have already found a replacement. “I had to pull a few strings.” Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott bragged “But I was able to acquire the rights to debut a hologram of folk singer Tiny Tim. Ukulele and all.” The move is no surprise in the fact that it keeps to the same age demographic as previous headlines, but it is a surprise for many festival goes that their main headliner will not technically be ‘alive’. “It might be a little weird.” One local man said. “But at least it’s not Brett Micheals.” Officials didn’t want to give too much away for next year, but did say that if all goes well they plan on reaching out to a 2-D, animated version of Amy Winehouse.


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