Celebrate Erie Adds ‘People Watching’ To Official List Of Events

Celebrate Erie just got a little more exciting, officially including people watching on their weekly schedule of events. The activity list, released Monday, reads that the peak time for people watching will be nightly from 7pm to 9pm between 7th and 8th Street. “We know this is what a lot of people come here for in the first place.” organizers said. “This is also where the Chalk Walk happens, so you’ll have people bumping in to each other, staring at the murals, and trying to walk against the flow of other people. We’re even thinking about putting some cones down. We’ll see how it plays out.” The venue of the organized people watching has drawn criticism from others claiming it should be moved elsewhere. “Everyone knows the best people watching is at the picnic tables in Perry Square!” one angry resident stated. Regardless of the controversy, bingo cards will be passed out at several venues for the fun, with ‘trashy tattoo’ taking over the traditional ‘free space’.

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