Cathedral Prep Holds Annual ‘Running Of The Morons’

Cathedral Prep students paraded through the streets of Erie on Friday in “The Running of the Morons”, an event to help send off the school’s hockey team to State College. Several of the students broke the normal tradition and extended the ‘Running’ an extra few miles, shouting obscenities and blocking traffic. Prep officials were not happy with that behavior. “I personally am appalled at how these students acted,” one spokesman for the school said. “I personally know that our student body can be far more obnoxious and moronic than that. If you’re not going to put your best foot forward, why do it at all?” An investigation is currently ongoing into the behavior. It has already been made clear that the student involved will be dealt with swiftly and severely. “These students simply yelled a few four letter words at some schools and cars,” the spokesperson continued. “Where’s the creativity? Our English program is much better than that. They should have been able to come up with more than that. It’s embarrassing.” An assembly is expected to be held Monday where the students will be taught proper public disturbance techniques the next time a small riot breaks out.


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