Local Bikers Banned From Roar On The Shore

Organizers of Erie’s Roar On The Shore bike rally made the announcement Thursday that local bikers will not be permitted to attend this year’s rally due to the record number of out of town riders expected to attend. Organizers say the rally is growing so fast they are struggling to adapt and find room for […]

Cathedral Prep Holds Annual ‘Running Of The Morons’

Cathedral Prep students paraded through the streets of Erie on Friday in “The Running of the Morons”, an event to help send off the school’s hockey team to State College. Several of the students broke the normal tradition and extended the ‘Running’ an extra few miles, shouting obscenities and blocking traffic. Prep officials were not […]

Erieites Dye Livers Green For St. Patrick’s Day

Erie bar goers have already started one of the most heralded local traditions Thursday morning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, dying their livers green. The gesture is meant to honor the Irish Saint for reasons no one drinking green beer today is quite sure of. “This is my favorite day of the year,” one enthusiastic […]

Erie Couple Mugged By Infant

Two Erie citizens are talking to police this morning after allegedly being mugged on Erie’s West side by a three month old infant. “I’ll never forget those eyes,” one of the victims said. “They were almost alien like. It was like he was staring right through me. Chilled me to the bone.” The couple stated […]

Erie Man Injured As Crowd Rushes To Buy First Gallon Of Fuhrman’s Cider

The scene looked like news coverage of a Black Friday doorbuster deal. Dozens stormed Fuhrman’s Cider Mill Friday to get the first taste of the famous Apple Cider, leaving one man with sour grapes. “I’ve been camped out since 3am,” he told us, as paramedics checked his vitals. “We wanted to make sure we got […]