Chipotle Pledges 20% Less Indigestion After Food Safety Meetings

Chipotle closed its doors for four hours on Monday to discuss food safety upgrades with its employees and now says that new procedures will cut down on stomachaches and indigestion by roughly twenty percent. The meetings covered everything from food prep to food assembly and according to most it was incredibly helpful. “Well, for example […]

Facebook ‘Friends Day’ Videos Cause Erie Man Hundreds In Cellular Data Charges

One Erie man is digging deep in his pockets today after being forced to stream several of Facebook’s ‘Friends Day’ videos that filled timelines on Thursday. The man says that he’s now being charged hundreds after being forced to stream content that just left him annoyed in the first place. “My cell phone bill aside, […]

Trump Blasts Punxsutawney Phil In Campaign Speech

Donald Trump came out of his second place Iowa finish swinging on Tuesday, setting his crosshairs on everyone’s favorite groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. The candidate labeled the amateur forecaster “one of the problems with America today” and didn’t stop there. “We have this groundhog, okay,” Trump said in his speech. “He’s a loser. He works one […]

Sinnott Reconsiders County EMTA Proposal After Watching ‘Speed’ For First Time

Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott may be backtracking from his previous comments, refusing an offer from Erie County to completely fund the EMTA bus service after watching the movie ‘Speed’ for the first time Sunday night. The sudden change of heart came after the Mayor had a dream that the same scenario played out on Erie […]

Erie Man Loses Life Savings Betting Against Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters descend into the Erie Insurance Arena on Thursday, but recent allegations are claiming the team not only fixed games in the past, but may even be doing it currently. As one unfortunate man found out, the effects of this scandal could reach far beyond the court. “I bet against the Globetrotters every […]

All Articles On The Internet Are True; Study Confirms

Some recent confusion over several articles circulating the internet have prompted the results of a recent study to be released ahead of schedule. Researchers at Harvard University have fact checked the entire internet and discovered that everything posted on it is completely factual. “This is a crazy world we live in and just because it […]

Downtown Listing Features Beautiful View Of Arby’s

The Union Square townhouses that line Peach Street between 12th and 13th have been a tough sell for Erie residents. Some feel the price is too high, while others feel the location is less than ideal. One local realtor just thinks it’s a matter of branding. “Stop talking about what it doesn’t have and focus […]

McDonald’s Breakfast To Operate Under 2 Hour Delay Tuesday

The snow totals in Erie have delayed more than just schools Tuesday morning. The full breakfast menu will not be available at local McDonald’s until at least 8:00am within the City. Restaurants farther out in the County may close altogether. “We have to think about the safety of our customers,” the spokesman for the regional […]