Westboro Baptist Church Protests Girard Roundabout

[fbshare url=”http://themockerie.com/index.php/2015/07/21/westboro-baptist-church-protests-girard-roundabout/” type=”button” width=”100″] Leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church descended in to Erie Monday afternoon to line the intersection of Route Five and Millfair Road in Girard with protesters in response to Penndot’s proposed roundabout at the location. “God Hates Roundabouts” and “Roundabouts In Hell” signs were the common sight during the protest, but […]

Motorcyclist Revs Engine, Impresses Everyone

Downtown Erie is flooded with thousands of cyclists this weekend, but it’s one cycle enthusiast in particular that is turning heads. Dale Cunningham, of South Carolina revved his engine for several seconds leaving the Sandbar Drafthouse early Friday evening, earning a standing ovation from the local clientele. “I’ve seen motorcycles on the road before, but […]