Car Found In Presque Isle Bay Channel; Parking Authority Issues Ticket


The Erie Parking Authority is investigating a found a car found submerged in Presque Isle Bay, Thursday. “The vehicle appears to have been illegally parked underwater for about 20 years.” Executive Director, Ray Massing stated. “We are looking for the owner and will decide how to handle the backlog of tickets it should have received for parking underwater against regulations. It’s usually a $60 monthly lease.” The Parking Authority will ask for additional SCUBA gear and training for its meter maids to make sure the same oversight doesn’t happen again. “We don’t ask for very much from the city.” Massing said. “We’ve been asking the city for this equipment for years. I hope this finally opens their eyes.” The car will be towed to an underwater impound lot, where it is expected to incur further fines.

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