Browns Fans Looking Forward to 2016 Draft

While fans of the other 31 NFL teams look for their teams to make adjustments for the remainder of the season, fans of the Cleveland Browns are already packing it in and looking to the Draft in the spring. “I’m done,” one disgruntled fan told us. “I’ll just jump on the Ohio State bandwagon. It’s not worth it anymore. Maybe we can get Cardale Jones in the draft.” It’s a stark change for Browns fans who usually hold on to the last sliver of hope that the team can at least manage a .500 season. The Browns lost to the New York Jets on Sunday after turning the ball over 5 times. This young season, though only one week old, feels different. “The Meadville/ DuBois game got more coverage on Sportscenter this weekend! People were more interested across the country in a high school game than us. It’s awful.” The NFL Draft typically serves as the high point of the Browns’ season and fans and the franchise have a renewed hope for the upcoming season. The Browns home opener next week will inadvertently serve as three hours of silence in memoriam of the anticipated inadequacy of the rest of the season.


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