Brewerie Ghost Arrested For Public Drunkenness

One Brewerie legend has come out of hiding and is paying the price this morning. The apparition known as Clara, believed to have haunted the building since the 20’s, was found wandering drunk on State Street early Saturday morning and is being questioned by police. “We found the girl in question gliding along State in a zig zag pattern,” the arresting officer said. “She had a haze around her and we initially thought we had her on a possession charge. We came to find that she was drunk out of her skull, even though it appears as if she doesn’t have one.” Officers say they are verifying the girl’s age. Clara is claiming to be over 100 years old, while only appearing to officers to be about 11 or 12. According to the arrest report, Clara decided that she was going to celebrate Halloween a day early and decided to break open one of the taps after The Brewerie had closed up for the night. The arrest could not have come at a worse time for the brewpub. Owners are attempting to bail Clara out in time for the season’s final haunted tours around the old railroad station.

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