All Articles On The Internet Are True; Study Confirms

Some recent confusion over several articles circulating the internet have prompted the results of a recent study to be released ahead of schedule. Researchers at Harvard University have fact checked the entire internet and discovered that everything posted on it is completely factual. “This is a crazy world we live in and just because it may sound far-fetched, doesn’t mean that it is,” Abraham Lincoln said. “If you had false information circulating the internet it would be the equivalent of if the world stopped spinning. People’s realities would be shattered.” The criteria to post an article on the internet is very rigorous. First, authors must cite all information from known credible sources. After several more validation stages, the final criteria involves a signed affidavit of authenticity witnessed by a member of Congress. “The whole process takes about a week,” a representative from the Homeland Department of Internet Security told us. “We make exceptions for breaking news from credible sources, although we still make Fox News wait. We learned our lesson.” The research project lasted over the span of a year, and concluded when the only error found on the entire internet was a Craigslist ad with an incorrect phone number.

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