90 Year Old Shovels Driveway As Millenial Neighbors Watch In Confusion

One local Erie man is digging out this morning after heavy snow over the course of Tuesday piled up in his driveway. The 90 year old man’s actions are drawing questions from his Millenial neighbors who watched the man shovel for hours after being forced to call in sick to work because their plow service is running behind schedule. “I mean, you’d never catch me out there doing that,” one of the neighbors said. “I don’t even think I know how to use one of those things. Yeah I had to miss work today but I call in all the time. They’re fine with it. I had to miss work Monday too because I was so upset about David Bowie.” Their senior citizen neighbor says it’s all a matter of principle. “I’ll shovel that driveway clean until the day I die,” he said. “A’int no newfangled snow thrower or plow service takin’ that away from me. It’s my driveway and I’ll shovel it.” Even after explaining the man’s philosophy to his neighbors, the younger generation failed to grasp the pride behind his thought process. “He’s been out there for 3 hours. It’s pointless,” the neighbor said. “Now look at him, lying face down in the snow, taking a break. Don’t start something you aren’t willing to finish. I know that much.”

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