5th and State McDonald’s Voted Erie’s Best Burger

The results are in, and one burger patty in Erie has been voted superior to the others. The McDonald’s at 5th and State in Erie’s downtown took home the prestigious award after votes were tallied Thursday night. “It’s a real honor for us.” said restaurant manager Harold James. “It comes down to our staff. You can get McDonalds countless places in Erie. People love it here for the staff. I make sure they have a piercing, wildly colored hair, and at least one visible tattoo, preferably on the face or neck.” It’s a formula that seems to be winning people over. “The staff members are definitely memorable.” One local diner told us. “Most fast food places churn out a burger in seconds. Here, it usually takes well over 5 minutes and that’s how you know it’s being artfully crafted.” For food connoisseurs the award should come as no surprise. The downtown location has won “Best Un-Natural Shaped Chicken Product” three of the past four years. James says that he doesn’t want to make too many changes and ruin a good thing, but is looking in to having more people begging for change, loitering at the entrances.


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