$2M Erie Powerball Winner Reinvests Money Back Into Lottery Tickets

The Erie resident who purchased a winning $2 Million Powerball ticket has made a decision on how to best use their surprise windfall. The winner has decided to reinvest the money back into the investment that paid off the first time, lottery tickets. “I figure that my initial two-dollar investment returned a one million percent profit,” the winner said, on the condition we protect their anonymity. “Another million percent on that and you have at least a few more million. I’m not great at math, but you can’t argue with those returns.” The winning ticket was purchased at the Country Fair on 18th and Sassafras after the winner had a craving for a five-hour old pizza. The winner does say that they plan to hold on to at least a little bit for now to have at little taste of the high life. “I want to take my family out to a fancy dinner at Olive Garden,” they said. “We won’t even have to fill up on bread sticks and take the food home for tomorrow this time.” The winner also said that for those worried about the lottery being a risky investment, not to worry. They said that they’ll make sure to diversify, half back in the Powerball and half into scratchers.

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