Fund Our Schools Rally Generates Thousands In Parking Fines

The ‘Fund Our Schools’ rally at Veterans Stadium yesterday, successfully raised several thousand dollars Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was all generated in parking fines and will not make its way back to help the Erie School District. “These events are some of our biggest income sources,” said one Parking Authority employee on hand to write […]

National Weather Service Issues ‘Jacket Advisory’ For Erie County

Due to recent conditions and the uncertainty of the storm in the Atlantic, the National Weather Service has issued a ‘Jacket Advisory’ for Erie, Crawford, and Warren Counties. “Based on all atmospheric data available to us it is our conclusion that there is a chance of jacket weather arriving this weekend,” a statement from the […]

Career Fair Reminds College Students Of Bleak Future

A local career fair held on Wednesday attracted hundreds of college students eager to get an advantage over their fellow job seekers. Unfortunately for most, the outing just reminded them of how poor they will be for the upcoming few years. “I turned in a handful of resumes today,” one eager college senior told us. […]