Conneaut Lake Park Takes Out Payday Loan To Help With Debt

The financial troubles of Conneaut Lake Park are now a thing of the past as the Park’s trustees have found a solution to the property’s mounting debt. The managing group has taken out a payday loan to settle up with creditors and keep the park open. “We were really getting down to crunch time,” one […]

Argument Over Dominick’s Meatball Omelet Ends Friendship

It’s been a debate for years. Is the meatball omelet at Dominick’s in Erie delicious or disgusting? Two lifelong friends who both feel very strongly about the matter have decided to go their separate ways. “I’d try to talk sense in to him every time he ordered it,” one of the men said. “It just […]

Loose Immigration Policy Blamed For This Winter’s El Nino

Coming off Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, Republicans are going on offense. They’re citing the current administration’s loose stance on immigration as the reason for the havoc this year’s El Nino is expected to create. “It’s clear that Obama’s policies have led to more immigrants in this country,” one Erie County Republican spokesperson said. “El Nino? […]

New Erie Trampoline Park Already Worries Overprotective Mother

A new trampoline and adventure park announced for Upper Peach Street is already worrying at least one over protective Erie mother. She says just the thought of her son risking an injury is already causing her to lose sleep. “He’s never had so much as a scrape,” the woman said. “Of course he’s going to […]

West Erie Plaza Sets Record As World’s Largest DQ Parking Lot

The seemingly endless construction at the West Erie Plaza has finally achieved its primary goal of becoming the world’s largest Dairy Queen parking lot. According to the Guinness Book of Records the site broke the record by just a few spots on Monday, but developers say this is just the beginning. “We’ve kind of kept […]

Erie County Farms Owner Blames Obama For Debt Trouble

After claiming that her landlord actually owes her money over the weekend, the owner of Erie County Farms has found a new scapegoat for her recent troubles, the President of the United States. She claims that recent legislation has made it impossible for eastside meat markets to thrive. “If you look, this is happening all […]