Surprise Trump Campaign Stop In Erie Cancelled Due To High Winds

The current leader in the GOP race for presidential nominee was forced to change his plans to make a surprise stop in Erie on Wednesday. Donald Trump was expecting to make an impromptu campaign stop at the Millcreek Mall Wednesday, however high winds were deemed too much of threat to blow his hairpiece away. “It […]

Lake Erie Duck Season Begins Monday; Rabbit Season, Others Argue

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Duck Season along Lake Erie begins today, however mysterious signs have begun appearing stating otherwise. Presque Isle has been littered with posters declaring that Rabbit Season actually starts on Monday with the purpose of confusing hunters. “We’ve launched an investigation into the issue,” a PA Game Commissioner said. “We […]

PA Legislators To Dress Up As Competent Leaders For Halloween

The annual group Halloween costume for all PA Representatives and Senators has finally been chosen. This year, after being unable to establish a budget for the state, the group will break from reality and dress up as competent leaders. “Halloween is a time to make believe and live in a world of fantasy,” one representative […]

1,000th Gas Station Opens In Erie

Erie drivers will no longer be forced to cruise around on empty as a new GetGo opened off the Bayfront Highway, Thursday. The opening marks the 1,000th of its kind in the area and is a relief for local motorists. “I mean it’s about time there’s someplace to get gas in Erie, one driver told […]

Pennsylvania Offers Staples Coupons To School Districts To Ease Budget Woes

Pennsylvania school districts can breathe easier today knowing that their next bill at Staples will be considerably lower. After declining a loan to the Erie School District Tuesday, the state has counter offered with several 40% off coupons at the retailer to help keep costs down. “We sympathize with these districts,” one House Representative said. […]

Erie Airport Offering Flights Across Town To Boost Business

In an attempt to boost the number of visitors, the Erie “International” Airport will now offer flights across town to help circumvent 12th Street traffic. The air field is hoping to capitalize on the frustration of mistimed traffic lights and ongoing construction that are turning daily commutes into road trips. “We see a need for […]