20 Something Surprised To Learn Of Seawolves Game Happening During Buck Night

One recent college grad was shocked, Wednesday night, to learn of a real life baseball game being played while enjoying dollar beers. “I just thought it was a great concept for a bar.” the Edinboro grad said. “I’ve been here for a bunch of buck nights and never noticed the game until tonight. I just thought it was a good special. To find out they play baseball here too is like a bonus.” A quick survey of those in attendance found an even split between people realizing they were at a live sporting event and those just showing up for the beer special. “I always thought it was weird for a bar to have a giant wolf mascot walking around. This makes so much more sense.” Once the shock wore off, he immediately began harassing the visitor’s bullpen. The New Britain Rock Cats relief pitchers were not happy. “I have a skin disorder and the uniforms irritate my belly. So, yes I itch it every once in a while. I don’t think you should make fun of people’s medical conditions. That’s off limits.” A final score was unavailable at the time of print since everyone left the game by the top of the 8th.


  1. Bob Howden says

    And speaking of stray animals, perhaps the Mayor should insist that the Census Bureau count the city’s feral cats as a way to increase Erie’s population.

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