1,000th Gas Station Opens In Erie

Erie drivers will no longer be forced to cruise around on empty as a new GetGo opened off the Bayfront Highway, Thursday. The opening marks the 1,000th of its kind in the area and is a relief for local motorists. “I mean it’s about time there’s someplace to get gas in Erie, one driver told us. “Before this I’d be forced to drive three minutes to fill up the tank, like a savage. Now its two minutes away. It’s about time Erie made progress.” The new spot to get fueled up fills the niche market of the twelve homes that are on the three blocks between both Country Fairs on 8th street. The large number of stations puts Erie on the map as one of the biggest fuel importers in the state. “We’re excited that Erie is getting noticed,” a City Hall spokesman said. “As long as we keep driving everywhere, even if it’s just a block or two away, and refusing to walk, this is a designation we can hold for a long, long time.” The number of gas stations now moves into second across the city, only being outnumbered by bars. Hotels, however, are soon expected to outpace both by 2017.


  1. says

    I think you have forgotten about the lack of pizza shops for the people to drive to. I think the perfect business in Erie is a laundromat/bar/pizza shop/gas station. This mostly help the students that drive to all of those other places.

  2. Dan says

    It is about time that we can now keep our gas station commute to under 3 minutes. I just wish someone would address the fact that my drive to the closest Subway is north of 4 minutes and I have to drive over 6 minutes to get to the closest place to get my hair cut. Who has the time for this nonsense?

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